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we are meeting at 1pm on Saturday (THIS SATURDA) the 15th (THE IDES) of march (MARCH)

we will meet at the statue in the middle of Piccadilly (because Google Maps doesn’t tell you where the Albany is and i don’t want to make this difficult) at ONE P.M. (providing it is not raining/gross weather*.) although i will probably be there earlier! for ease of recognition I will be carrying a bag that is basically a bright blue rectangle. I’ve messaged my phone number to people who’ve said they’re coming; if i’ve missed you tell me! or just trust that we will successfully all get to the same place??

bring your friends! bring your feels! bring your raffles-related things! bring raffle tickets! bring a biography of stamford raffles the founder of singapore

bring your opera hats and dark-lanterns

*if it is raining: we will meet at the nearest cafe to the Albany which is, I think, the branch of Costa Coffee that’s next to a church - address 200 Piccadilly, W1J 9HD. it’s on one corner of the Waterstones building.



the world conspires against me to keep me from fangirling over bunny with likeminded individuals. If any of my followers are near enough please go and get Arthur Shappey levels of excited on my behalf??

literally: anyone who can come who wants to come is welcome! ALSO: I FULLY INTEND for us to have another meetup next year when the Ides falls on a Sunday! PUT THAT IN YOUR CALENDARS.
REMINDER THAT THIS IS HAPPENING. charge your phones! pre-revitalise all your gross raffles feels! 1pm at the statue in the middle of Piccadilly, in London tomorrow/Saturday the 15th of march!
Sunday, February 2, 2014



this is a message for all of you who are fans of E.W. Hornung’s RAFFLES series

as you may have noticed, the IDES OF MARCH this year (the 15th of march, the day raffles & bunny join forces) falls on a SATURDAY. this makes it IDEAL for some kind of RITUALISTIC HONOURING of Hornung & his creation.

I’m not 100% sure what we should be doing BUT my working plan is that anyone who is around in London or who can get to London on Saturday the 15th of March - basically we should meet in front of the Albany, on Piccadilly, at idk 11am? no that might be too early. 2pm? I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTION.

anyway i will have with me some whiskey in a plastic bottle [in homage to the tv series’ frequent “”“”scotch whisky???”“”“] and some plastic cups (and probably some ribena too for non-drinkers) and hopefully a printout of a map of notable locations in the Raffles stories and we will first drink a NOBLE TOAST to hornung & to raffles & bunny & then idk we can go from there. the end point will probably be gawping at the real life GOLD CUP in the British Museum.

i literally have no idea how many of you guys in the incredibly lovely raffles fandom are even in the UK at ALL but i am pretty sure i will be there even if it is just me drinking alone

of course to be TRULY accurate we should meet at 2am on the 15th:

"Do you see what day it is?" he added, tearing a leaflet from a Shakespearian calendar, as I drained my glass. "March 15th. ‘The Ides of March, the Ides of March, remember.’ Eh, Bunny, my boy? You won’t forget them, will you?"

And, with a laugh, he threw some coals on the fire before turning down the gas like a careful householder. So we went out together as the clock on the chimney-piece was striking two.

but i think you will agree with me that that might be going too far

AUTOREBLOG cause this is important! and a lot of people follow me here and i’m really sorry i’m not more active on this blog
Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bond Street Hatter’s Show-Case - Bill Brandt, 1934

OPERA HATS. just saying.


Bond Street Hatter’s Show-Case - Bill Brandt, 1934

OPERA HATS. just saying.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

raffles radio series one two three

okay okay so here we go again

dropbox public files - right click, save as

101 The Ides Of March

102 Gentlemen and Players

103 A Costume Piece

104 Nine Points Of The Law

105 Wilful Murder, Or, The Return Match

106 A Chest Of Silver

201 The Rest Cure

202 The Criminologists’ Club

203 The Fields Of Philippi

204 A Bad Night

205 A Trap To Catch A Cracksman

206 Gift Of The Emperor

301 No Sinecure

302 To Catch A Thief

303 An Old Flame

304 The Raffles Relics

305 The Knees Of The Gods

306 The Last Word

(special extra) The Return Of A.J. Raffles (radio version of the Graham Greene play, with the same cast. How much do you love that in the BBC radioverse this play is canon??)

idk what the bandwidth allowance is but to be safe don’t try downloading them all at once; all together this is 600mb

applefrost said: I seriously wish I could make a shrine to this blog. You have no idea how happy this makes me. :)

I am not worthy

(no, seriously, I’m not, I forgot this blog for over a year)

Anonymous said: Just found this blog and read everything :D I read the first few short stories some time ago, really reminded me how slashy they were. Will read the rest one day, and get started on the TV/film/radio adaptations. (By the way, I found Raffles' shaving off his moustache after his first crime just a bit too funny. And I kind of dread getting to the last story, since I read somewhere what happens to them.)

I don’t know if you’ve become more active in the fandom, dear anon, in the MANY MANY MONTHS since you sent this, but rest assured that we ALL have far too many feels about the last Raffles story and it is OKAY to share the pain

aj-raffles said: Hi! Uhm, sorry to be a bother, but series two and three of BBC Radio's Raffles adaptation isn't working, the files have been deleted. The first series and The Return of A.J Raffles seem to be working, though. I'm just wondering if you have any other download links for the radio series?

See below! If you still need the Raffles radio series I will do dropbox or wetransfer or one of those things. it’s a bother to keep maintaining uploads - after a while they always get deleted and since the fandom is TINY it doesn’t seem worth continually redoing them

ETA - this post here should now sort you if you weren’t already sorted

townblur said: I really want to listen to Raffles radio series 2, may I have your files, please? and I love Jeremy Clyde's voice so much.

what I will do is Dropbox!

ETA - what you want should now be in this post here

the-wind-fish said: But where you go D=

I let the queue run out and just kind of left it! kept meaning to come back though! like raffles, I let you all think i was dead, and like Raffles i was secretly just being a dick

ok so i just accidentally came out of self-imposed exile whoops maybe i’ll finally answer the questions in the inbox